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Requirements for Electronic Artwork File Submission

We accept files in both Apple Macintosh and IBMPC platforms.

For Macintosh we accept:

  • Quark Express 6.5 (Collect for Output and include all fonts and images)
  • Adobe Illustrator CS4 (Convert all type to outlines)
  • Adobe Photoshop CS4
  • Adobe Pagemaker 7.0 (Save for Service Provider and include all fonts and images)
  • Adobe In Design CS4 (Package and include all fonts and images)
  • Adobe Acrobat 7 (Print Options Set for Press and include all fonts and images)
  • Microsoft Word 2004 Mac

For IMB-PC we accept all of the above and:

  • Microsoft Publisher 2003 (Pack & Go and include all fonts and images)
  • Microsoft Word XP

To ensure the highest quality, accuracy and to avoid unnecessary cost please provide your files as follows:

  • For color images: convert all colors to CMYK (NO RGB) or spot PMS (Pantone Matching System.) In this case leave the particular color in the “spot” mode.
  • For black & white images: convert to grayscale (NO RGB or CMKK.)
  • Include ALL images used in the file. DO NOT change the image’s file name.
  • All photos and illustrations should be saved as eps or tiff format. DO NOT use
    jpeg compression, gif, pict,bmp, or LZW compression.
  • Photos should be scanned, created and saved at 300 dpi at 100% of their printed size. (an 8x10 photo will be 2400x3000 resolution) Photos larger than 300 dpi will incur additional charge for excess rip time.
  • Include ALL fonts used in the file. DO NOT change the font’s file name.
  • Set bleeds to 1Pica or 3/16” minimum and trap to .34 poiints or .005”.
  • DO NOT use "Style" menu for type styles (bold, italic, etc.); use the actual font in the "Font" menu.
  • DO NOT convert files to pdf from the programs listed above. Save the file in the
    program’s native format. For pdf conversions from applications not listed be sure to use the “Press” print option in your Acrobat Distiller.
  • Put all items for the job in one folder include your company name in the title and copy to a disk or burn to a Windows or Macintosh formatted CD. For email, compress the folder with Winzip or Stuffit and attach to an email addressed to:
    prepress@zephyrprintservice.com. (Limit 5Meg)
  • Include or fax a composite proof, or separated proofs for color jobs from your printer.

If you follow these steps in preparing your files for us and the resulting proof is not acceptable, we can troubleshoot and repair your files for a nominal charge.